The most import film production tool

The most important film production tool arrived today. While our first day of principle photography is just under a month away, we didn’t want to risk not having access to this most import Production Tool. Covid is still interfering with shipping times, so better safe than sorry.

Yes, coffee is arguably one of the most important things needed on any independent film set. At least is has been for any production we’ve ever worked on. Ergo, we ordered this 30 cup percolator, and a bean grinder to go along with it. Yes, we know, technically it isn’t a film production tool. Or is it? It might not be a lens, or a c-stand, but without coffee, the production team might simply not function as well as it does with.

Our philosophy here is that if coffee is that important, it had better be good. There’s nothing worse than bad coffee. At that point it’s better to just not have any at all. Not on our set. No sir, we will have great coffee. And this here option was still more economic than going to our local S******ks to get our most important production tool.


the most important film production tool... coffee.
Coffee Percolator and Grinder. #coffee

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