Day of Rest – No Rest for the Wicked

Today is a day of rest. However, there’s no rest for the wicked. This means this here writer/director, would me makeup effects artist has some blood tests to day.

When you accidentally cut yourself, you may as well take a picture for blood reference. Even if it’s just a tiny cut with a tiny amount of blood. See below.

Real Blood

So on your day off you take the chance to work a little more. Aside from the shot list, and other such things, making a little fake blood is a good usage of time. Note that the amount of fake blood in the photo below is probably 10 times of what we needed for the film. Just in case you blood hounds were expecting a horror film. It’s not. Although it does have some horrifying moments in it.

Fake blood. Ten times the amount we needed for the shoot.

Dr. Maurice had a bit of bad news to cope with (no worries, all is good now). On the night of our day off, I decided to take him out and cheer him up a bit. This proved to be beneficial for everyone, which was my intent.

Dr Maurice. Genuine Smile.

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