Final Day of Filming. IT IS A WRAP

It’s a wrap! Wow. We did it. Everything is in the proverbial can. The final day of shooting has come and is almost gone. The only shots that remain are VFX type shots. But for Company of Shadows it’s a wrap.

I want to take the opportunity here to thank everyone.

Chris Culver, the carpenter who volunteered to build the framework for the lighting rig we used.

Milo Durst for putting up with us.

Joe Keim for the yummy food, and the fridge, and so much more!

Quirine “Q” Dongelmans for being awesome, and a list too long to post here.

Erik Kjonaas for shining pretty lights in the casts faces.

Erin D. for your input.

Jeremy Urann – as – Randy

Bryan Maurice – as – Gene

Karl Chaffey – as – James

Raquel Vilarino – as – Sofía

Alejandro Vilaseñor

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