Wow! Tempus fugit is no understatement. I’m quite behind on keeping this blog up to date. Ergo, I’ll have to play catch-up. Yet, rather than doing a comprehensive catch-up in one post, I’ll have to do it over several blog posts, referencing my personal journal.

The production phase has come and gone. I wish I could say it went super smoothly, yet that wouldn’t be completely accurate. It wasn’t entirely horrible, either. Considering all that happened, and all that needed to be done, we did pretty darn well.

We got hit Covid early on in the production phase. On day three we lost the mortar to our bricks as one of the key people of our production team tested positive for Covid-19. I had everyone do rapid tests before allowing anyone back on the set. All negative. Still, a day later our caterer reported a positive test result. Now we were minus two people, down from what was already a bare bones skeleton crew.

We powered through though, as everyone else tested negative,… and did get through the production phase. More importantly, the two individuals who tested covid positive have long since completely recovered.

Currently we’re editing Company of Shadows, and we’re prepping for a crowdfunding campaign. Editing will take several months. Especially since I have to do my regular work besides. Stay tuned, though. It’s very possible this will suddenly go a lot faster.

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